Our technological solutions are changing the world.

Change yours with us.

Most of our projects have a social dimension - whether it is health care or educational support. At the same time, we always use the most modern technologies that we can effectively and fully engage. So you can imagine the future we live in at Viable One. And we will be happy to share it with you.

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Here is why you can count on us

At Viable One, we do not blindly complete the assignment. We build solutions that make sense. The solutions that are fully functional, technologically advanced and help you meet business plans and improve your clients' lives.

We digitalize your business

We create functional prototypes to support decision making

We modernize existing IT solutions

We take care of IT operations and develop them

Why us and not others

We have clearly stated internal values

thanks to which we are reliable partners and we always put something extra into projects.

We do not compromise on choice

of collaborators and professional partners. Our teams are well tuned and cooperating.

Where can your idea be in a month?

At Viable One, we are used to manage a lot of work in thirty days. We believe that there is power in simplicity. And that's the reason that we approach work naturally and uncomplicatedly.

How we do it


We verify a business case

We first find out as much information as possible to understand the problem we are working on together. We get to know your business and talk to you and your clients. We help to clarify the goal of the project and suggest a way to get there. We draw attention to the opportunities that can be used along the way, as well as to obstacles that must be avoided. We quantify and visualize most of the data.


We develop and test

We can structure ideas, think about solution architecture, define and link requirements, and design priorities. In development, we focus on modern and efficient technologies and automation. We will advise you on where it is possible to speed up or save, and what can be used from the solutions available on the market. We always pay attention to the quality of our work.


We design prototypes and MVPs

We create interactive prototypes and pilot versions of digital solutions (MVPs) to verify that they are user-friendly and fulfill their purpose. We prioritize and coordinate the implementation of requirements in relation to project objectives and available budgets. We help with product development and the entire business case in the form of product roadmaps.


We operate and manage

It is natural that we also run and foster the solution. For us, long-term operation means a strong partnership and mutual trust. What's more, we provide comprehensive management - people, ideas, deliveries, workshops, reporting or finance. In that we are number one in Viable One.

Our clients

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